Giving curtains a new lease of life

Curtains and blinds are an important feature of any room or office and, over time, they collect dust, grime and finger marks. Mr Steamers Carpet Cleaning Service is receiving more and more requests for steam cleaning to give curtains a new lease of life.

Much cheaper than replacing

Whatever type of curtains you have in your home, replacing them could prove to be expensive. Why replace them? The chances are that there is nothing wrong with them; they just need cleaning. Our steam cleaning service proves time after time to be much cheaper than replacing.

Curtains cleaned in situ

After carrying out a small pre-clean test on you curtains, we will always try to clean them in situ. Our cleaners are able to clean thoroughly between pleats and folds, ensuring a high quality finish. Most types of dirt and staining can be removed but please bear in mind that, as good as we are, we cannot restore the effect of fading by sunlight.

All types of curtains cleaned

  • Sheer
  • Thermal
  • Lined and unlined
  • Theatrical
  • Swags, pelmets and valances
  • Pleated
  • Eyelet and tab top
    If you would like us to inspect your curtains to see if, in our professional opinion, they will clean effectively, please call us to arrange a home visit and we will gladly provide assistance.
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